About Us

About Us

At Digging Scriptures, we believe in going beyond Sunday school teachings to provide expert Biblical analysis for all. Our mission is to explore the exciting discoveries that confirm the Bible's accuracy and bring its history to life.

Unveiling Archaeological Finds

We specialize in offering expert analysis of archaeological finds that support Scriptural accounts. From the famous Dead Sea Scrolls to locations like Masada and Jericho, we delve into recent digs that have uncovered compelling evidence for key people, places, and events described in the Bible. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the historical context surrounding the Scriptures.

Shedding Light on the Ancient Biblical World

Beyond confirming the Biblical narrative, our work is focused on shedding new light on the cultural context and daily life of the ancient Biblical world. Through the examination of artifacts and insights, we paint a richer picture of the societies and customs in which Scripture was written. Discover how archaeology reveals details about religious practices, agriculture, home life, food, crafts, and much more in Biblical times.

Delving into the Biblical Texts

To further enrich your understanding, we encourage you to go deeper into the Biblical texts themselves. Our scholars meticulously analyze linguistics, culture, and history to extract new meanings and perspectives from these ancient works. By referencing external evidence, we aim to remove doubts over translation or interpretation, allowing you to gain a renewed awe at the majesty and wisdom of the Bible.

Stay Curious, Informed, and Inspired

At Digging Scriptures, we want to keep you curious, informed, and inspired about the Bible. We cover its ancient origins and showcase remarkable discoveries that continue to confirm its history today. Join our community and embark on a fascinating exploration of the intersection between Scripture, archaeology, and thoughtful Biblical study.

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